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Artech Journal of Engineering and Applied Technology invites submissions as Original articles, research articles, review articles, short reports and editorial articles. Artech Journal of Engineering and Applied Technology is an internationally peer reviewed academic journal that publishes recent advancements in the fields Engineering and Applied Technology . We publish articles on topics like multiple-use management, Applied Science, Mathematics, Electrical engineering, Computer engineering, Electronic engineering, Optical engineering, Power engineering, Mechanical engineering, Acoustical engineering, Manufacturing engineering, Thermal engineering, Vehicle engineering, Automotive engineering, Aerospace engineering etc.

2020 / Vol: 1

2020 / Vol: 1 / Issue: 1

Robust Iris Image Recognition System Using Normalization Process and Neural Network Techniques

D. Stalin David and Y. Justin                                        , 

Detection of Moisture Content in Corn System Using Artificial Neural Network Based on Color and Texture Image Features

Salmawaty Tansa, Ade Irawaty Tolago, Sri Wahyuni Dali and Andi Muhammad Nur Fitrah Syamsul

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  • Applied Sciences
  • Electrical engineering
  • Computer engineering
  • Electronic engineering
  • Optical engineering
  • Power engineering
  • Acoustical engineering
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Thermal engineering
  • Vehicle engineering
  • Automotive engineering
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Naval architecture
  • Agricultural engineering
  • Bioprocess engineering
  • Food engineering
  • Aquaculture engineering
  • Applied engineering
  • Automation/Control systems/Robotics
  • Computer-aided Drawing & Design (CADD)
  • Construction
  • Electronics
  • General
  • Graphics
  • Manufacturing
  • Nanotechnology
  • Biological engineering
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Genetic engineering
  • Biochemical engineering
  • Biological organisms 
  • Tissue engineering
  • Protein engineering
  • Building services engineering
  • Energy engineering
  • Industrial engineering
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Compone
  • nt engineering
  • Systems engineering
  • Construction engineering
  • Textile Engineering
  • Safety engineering
  • Reliability engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Nano engineering
  • Nuclear engineering
  • Petroleum engineering
  • Chemical Engineering

Editorial Board

Dr. Lis M Yapanto (Member of Advisory Council )

Associate Professor, PHD Scholar. Agricultural Sciences, Brawijaya University

Dr. Ali Najah Al-Shamani (Member of R.N.D )

PhD in Renewable Energy Engineering, He is lecturer in Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University. He received his PhD from National University of Malaysia, Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI) Bangi, Malaysia

Rahul Kumar Chawda (Member of R.N.D )

Ph.D. (Under UGC Regulation Act 2009) from Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal (M. P.), India. Also obtained certificate courses in Tally 7.2, Asp.Net and Silver Light, GNIIT (Diploma in Software Engineering)

Fazala Hassan (Head of R.N.D)

Ph.D Scholar, M.Phil in Pharmacology , Prof. in Rapha International University, Pakistan

Hayder Jawad Mohammed Albattat (Member of Advisory Council )

ass. prof. in Al-Furat Al-Awsat technical university in Najaf Technical College

Munaf A. Al-Ramahee (Member of Advisory Council )

Ph.D. in Structural Engineering from the University of Central Florida, USA

Dr. Stalin David (Member of Advisory Council )

PhD Scholar , Bio-Medical Image Processing at Anna University

Asmaa Shaker Ashoor Alzubaydi (Member of Advisory Council )

PhD in Computer Sciences, Accurate specialization: Security of networks and information, University of Pune/Department of Computer Science/India

Qais Al Maamari (Member of Advisory Council )

Ph.D in Marketing Management 

Dr. V.P. Sriram (Member of Advisory Council )

Associate Professor of Balaji Institute of International Business (BIIB), Sri Balaji Society, Pune, India, International Certification on Business English Certificate (BEC) offered by University of Cambridge in association with British Council

M.P. Arun (Member of Advisory Council )

BE-Aeronautical Engineering, ME-CAD/CAM, Ph.D-Mechanical Engineering

Dr. A.M. Viswa Bharathy (Head of Advisory Council)

B.E. CSE M.E. CSE Ph.D. Associate Professor, Jyothishmathi Institute of Technology and Science 

Dr. Muhammad Shoaib (Executive Editor)

Senior PhD Scholar in Chemistry

Dr. Shoaib Sarfraz (Patron of Editorial Board)

P.h.D in Plant and Pathology (University of Agriculture)

Hassan Mujtaba (Editor-In-Chief)

Chemical Engineer, D.H.M.S. and I.T Expert